a Lawyer.

BBP Associates Paris act in disputes before the courts. Sometimes legal representation is compulsory, which means that in some cases, to mount a defense or bring a claim you must have a Lawyer.

Court proceedings necessitate a succession of hearings, formalities and paperwork, the rules for which are a mystery to the layman. BBP Associates Paris know all of the rules and the specifics of Equine law, making them the best placed to defend your interests.

BBP Associates Paris also aims to work alongside litigation proceedings by providing “preventative” consultations in order to assess the chances of success and the advisability of bringing a case.

For whatever it may be, BBP Associates Paris strongly recommends that you hire a lawyer who knows the Equine law sector, rather than trying to muddle through the process on your own, a strategy that could harm your defense in the long term.

BBP Associates Paris participate fully in practicing the law:

  • for individuals and for companies
  • on a national and international level

We are irrevocably heading towards a culture of constant litigation, which requires taking action now to prevent and anticipate conflict.

BBP Associates Paris is your preferred partner for our experience and knowledge of Equine law. At BBP Associates Paris we have reserved an important place for our Advisory role. Our extensive experience will help you to examine the implications of the different paths that are open to you and advise on the best solution for you.

BBP Associates Paris is aware that rules of Law are continually multiplying and becoming increasingly sophisticated, and that following these changes requires an extremely high level of technical knowledge and skill. It is this complexity that makes it so essential to call upon the services of a Lawyer. BBP Associates Paris undertakes to defend your interests and offer a service that goes beyond the purely technical.
It is for this reason, and for your benefit, that BBP Associates Paris favors Advice and the development of alternative means of dispute resolution; Because the legal solution demands speed and effectiveness, BBP Associates Paris have a skilled, reactive and committed team ready for you.

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