Our mission.

For several years, here at BBP Associates Paris we have been aware of an increasing number of developments in equine law and the use of the horse.

In the face of these constant developments in the law concerning horses, and changes to the economic and social environment, the lawyers at BBP Associates Paris are your legal partners offering the highest quality service and these essential guarantees:

  • Professional secrecy
  • Confidentiality
  • Competence
  • Independence
  • Responsibility

The firm of BBP Associates Paris puts all of its knowledge and skills to work for you in drafting contracts, in defining the responsibility of each of the actors, from the transporter to the competition organizer, the owner to the rental agent, the veterinarian…

BBP Associates Paris applies statute and case law to all sales-related questions (rescission or cancellation), agricultural leases, the rules for construction, labor law, criminal law protection for your horse, everything that you need to protect your rights.

The members of BBP Associates Paris are uncompromising in carrying on their profession with the human values and ethics that are so essential to any mission.
You are sure to benefit from this ethical approach, which guarantees our commitment and our independence in looking after the interests of our clients. Lawyers draw their strength from this code of ethics, to practice to the best of their ability.
BBP Associates Paris acts in matters of equine law and accompanies you through each stage of your individual case, from consultation to close. BBP Associates Paris is your essential partner, building on trust to work together.


BBP Associates Paris informs you of your rights and obligations with regard to the ever-changing legislative and regulatory texts and case law in equine law. The Associate will inform you what the latest developments in the law mean for you.


Aside from any litigation, BBP Associates Paris can help you to try to find an amicable solution to a dispute.

Implementing Projects

In full compliance with the latest regulations and legal developments, BBP Associates Paris are with you and help you to determine the feasibility of your project.

Drafting and Analyzing

BBP Associates Paris proposes a complete audit of your legal paperwork (insurance contracts, sales or leasing agreements, labor contracts, amendments, agreements, transactions). BBP Associates Paris can also draft your sales contracts, rental agreements, transport agreement, leases, labor contracts, amendments, agreements and transactions.

Assistance and Legal Representation

BBP Associates Paris can represent you and bring your case before the court, from trial to appeal.

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